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VIDA & ENERGIA Viagens e Turismo

Avenida Paulista, 2.064 - 14º andar

Bela Vista - São Paulo, 01310-200


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City Tour

Meet São Paulo - 5 horas

Come see the main sights and unveil the faces of urban development.

Each Adult

BRL 210

Flight on SP

Panoramic City Tour - Helicopter

Get to know the city of São Paulo from a different angle ...

Flights 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Each Adult

BRL 550


The City of Flowers - 10 hours

Visit to 3 flower farms and tour of Holambra to know history, traditions and culture.

Each Adult

BRL 320

Beaches Tour

Santos, São Vicente and Guarujá - 10 hours

Tour by the most beautiful beaches at south coast in São Paulo, as well as a lot of history and culture in Santos.

Each Adult

BRL 320

Campos do Jordão

Brazilian Switzerland - 12 hours

Live the charm of this winter city and enjoy amazing views of the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains.

Each Adult

BRL 320


Religious and Cultural Tour - 10 hours

Learn about the history of the Patron Saint of Brazil, her Miracles and visit the largest Marian Temple in the world.

Each Adult

BRL 320

Paradise Route

3 Beaches Hiking - 10 hours

This is the right route for nature lovers who like a hard hiking and explore the beauties of nature.

Each Adult

BRL 320


Hiking through the Natural Park - 6 hours

Get to know the most beautiful landscapes of Cantareira Mountains, as well as a lot of history and culture.

Each Adult

BRL 210

Embu das Artes

The largest Handicraft Fair - 6 hours

Come see this historic city and enjoy the best handicraft fair of São Paulo.

Each Adult

BRL 210

Football Tour

Tour through the Football - 8 hours

Visit at 3 of the most important  Football Stadiums and the Football Museum, fantastic tour.

Each Adult

BRL 320

Wine Route

Wineries and Outlet Catarina - 10 hours

Tour the best wineries in the city of São Roque with lots of tasting and Outlet shopping.

Each Adult

BRL 280

Kids Fun

Zoo, Aquarium and Independence Pk. - 8h

Fascinating family-friendly tour of beautiful landscapes and unique moments.

Each Adult

BRL 350